Great UX: Setting up the MOTU 828mkII

Just a quick note on a user experience that was just the way it should be: Last week I bought a musical device, a Fireware audio interface. A MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn) 828mkII. Actually, it’s not much of an instrument but rather a computer extension. It is used to connect external audio sources like synthesizers, microphones, and guitars to the computer so that the input signal ? the sound ? can be recorded on and played back from an audio application. Why do I say it was a great user experience? Not only did the package arrive very fast, the 828 also was a pleasure to set up. In the process you realize that the people creating the device and defining its UI are musicians themselves. Everything was self-explanatory, and after connecting everything and installing the drivers, I fired up my Logic Pro audio application, and there the Motu was, waiting to be used. 🙂 Ah yes, and I could get rid of three other devices as well: a mixer, an older Emagic USB audio interface, and a patchbay.

What can we learn from this? Two things, I guess: a) To create a great, compelling user experience, you need to know and deeply understand the target audience. b) It’s always easier to create something great for people who are like yourself.

Motu 828mkII Firewire audio interface in my setup

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