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What exactly is a UX manager?

Just stumbled across a (slightly older, 2012) article by Brandon Schauer at Adaptive Path on “Just What is a UX Manager?” – really good analysis and also very insightful comments. Been having a somewhat challenging journey myself defining the line between a senior-level individual contributor and a product’s UX lead. Brandon has some great points around UX Managers:
– Balancing the outside with the inside
– Not doing it themselves, not the work nor the solutions
– Being translators
– Measuring
– Nurturing a team
– Making tradeoffs

He also provides an outlook:
– UX Managers’ heads will explode
– We’ll have to partner more closely with new peers
– We’ll need to define experience strategies
– We’ll have to master even more
– We’ll have to scale up teams

I’m loving the challenge, and I’m happy I’m not alone on this journey.